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Real Reviews from our amazing patients:

Monica C.

Amazing service! From getting texts to remind me about my appointment ahead of time, which is so convenient cause I forget everything, to the DA’s who are all so energetic and friendly and so polite. The facility was clean, upbeat, great for kids and interactive. The wait time was practically none, the Dr took his time, wasn’t rushing to the next patient, spoke to me and made sure I understood. He also showed me with a camera where exactly I had cavities and it was great because I actually understood what he was talking about. I changed my son’s dentist […] to Smile Heroes and I am so glad I did! This experience was just so much more welcoming and my son loved them as well. I HIGHLY recommend them!!!”

Sheena W.

Wonderful facility very clean and tidy in the waiting room. Kid friendly with lots of activities for the kids while they wait. The staff was polite, helpful, and professional with positive attitudes. The atmosphere is relaxing and enjoyable. My daughters felt very comfortable with their first visit to the dentist. I was happy with the whole experience. Professional with positive personality and genuine care for patients (not a long wait to be seen). Love Smile Heroes Dental and Orthodontics”

Ivy V.

Love this place!!!!! After 3 years of my daughter seeing the same dentist I finally decided to try someone new and I don’t regret the decision one bit. The staff is very friendly and helpful and they all seem to enjoy what they do. My daughter cried a little during the cleaning but the dentist and the dental assistant were very patient and nice during the process. Highly recommendable place!

Celina E.

My kids “thanked” me for taking them to the dentist today. Their experience was so pleasant and extraordinary that they’re already looking forward to their next visit. They got home and convinced their dad to visit this AWESOME place and become a patient there too. I experienced first hand the professionalism of the courteous staff and that of Dr. Phan as well. You have to love it when your kids are excited about visiting the dentist!

Matthew R.

Short version: SMILE HEROES IS AMAZING. A++++. Highly recommend!!!

Long version: Just moved to the area and two weeks ago, my three year old son woke up with his face, swollen on the right side. Needless to say, it was a trip to urgent care because it was Sunday and there were no dentists open. He had an abscess tooth. Antibiotics were prescribed and we were told to watch throughout the day to see if the swelling went down or grew worse. By the next morning we were noticing a slight worsening and so on the the E.R. we went. (I preface all this to give you the best picture of a family, scared for our little boy and unsure what to do or where to go). The E.R. doctor told us to get a dentist, right away.

Here I am, completely at a loss. I do a quick Google search and there is Smile Heroes with top ratings and stellar reviews. “Sure,” I think, “this is the internet. It’s easy to pad the opinion to get clients.” I called to gauge the atmosphere and was greeted by a friendly receptionist. More than that, I explained my son’s dilemma and she was legitimately concerned and intent on getting us in as soon as possible. I’m feeling better. Here’s at least one person who seems to care and not put on the clinical robot facade. Okay. Onto the Dentist…
WHICH WAS AMAZING <— (two times amazing!)

First off, the setting is brilliant. The dentists have made the place to be a sort of gaming center, which immediately engaged my children and stifled all those ‘scary dentist fears’. The kids played, we filled out the paperwork in peace and the staff was incredibly helpful. My wife was able to go in the back with my son. The dental assistants were very gentle with him and with her concerns. And then Dr. Pham was in to see them within a few minutes. He was very kind and thorough in his examination. He identified the problem and recommended we get my son in that very evening to take care of the tooth.
So my wife comes back that night with my son and he is happy to go back and play! Unfortunately for him, there was not much play, because the dentist was incredible efficient in getting him back and settled in a room where my wife held him while a movie played. All my wife’s questions and concerns were addressed. The procedure was extremely quick. My son was well taken care of, throughout, and Dr. Pham even called that night and the following morning to check on him.
Dr. Pham has a gift of empathy and patience that put us all at ease. He is REALLY GOOD with children. He and his wife even came out to chat with us after our son’s check up, just to get to know us.
I cannot recommend this establishment enough. These people legitimately care, which is unfortunately not something you find in many businesses, today. Everyone on staff is respectful and friendly. Such a wonderful experience.

My family is so blessed to have found Smile Heroes.